Flyer distribution is not just a so-so process. You need to get creative in ways of distributing these marketing tools or your time, money and effort will only go to waste! Here are some ideas on how to distribute flyers or leaflets.

Creative Flyer Distribution Ideas

Mail flyers to homes

Mailing flyers to homes through the SingPost is one of the best and creative ways to send out flyers. Other method is to distribute them yourself into the mailboxes, but that would be a tedious, time-consuming job. The best and easy way if you want the flyers mailed is through SingPost nonetheless. Before going in on this distribution method, it is ideal to have a list of potential clients that you are almost sure will purchase your product or service.

Flyer distribution through package inserts

You can distribute flyers for new products or services by placing the new prints inside the products you are going to deliver. You can also place one inside the paperbag or give it straight to the client as they exit your premises. Great choices are promo flyers and coupons that they can use for their next visit.

Flyer distribution as publication inserts

Insert flyers in publications like magazines and newspapers. You may do this by checking out with the publication manager and discuss the cost of having the flyers included between their publication pages. You can choose a publication that is closely related to your cause. Say, you are advertising a band or concert venue, then it would be great to have your flyers inside a music magazine, while flyers selling cooking products may have a greater revenue when inserted inside a cooking or food-related magazine.

Display your flyers inside other business establishments

This would be easy if you have a good relationship with other business owners around your area. You may ask them to display your flyers on their counters and do the same for them in return. In addition, there are public places that have advertising boards where you can hang your flyers. Good ideas are hotel lobbies, a doctor’s office waiting room, neighborhood gym, and grocery stores.

Distribute flyers at events

Trade shows, seminars, educational conferences and other local events are just some nice ideas for flyer distribution. It is also helpful if you can find an event that is closely related to your cause or what you offer. For instance, advertising your arts supplies store at an art event. You can even volunteer is a minor sponsor to the event and just have some goodie bag for the attendees.