When distributing flyers, it is not enough to hand it out to total strangers. You need to make sure you do it in a pleasing way. What are the etiquette in flyer distribution? Here they are.

Flyer Distribution Etiquette

Handing Out Flyers to Potential Customers

When planning to distribute flyers, you need to research local distribution laws. There’s maybe no law about flyer distribution in general, here in Singapore, but private establishments and institutions may have one, so it is good to be aware. There can be times when you will be asked to leave or stop what you are doing, especially at non-public areas. When this happened, please leave without any question.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately is always a must. People will find you more pleasing and be more receptive to what you are relaying when you look approachable and nice. On the other hand, you need not wear elaborate-looking clothes that will steal the attention of people, unless you are asked to wear a costume or mascot to promote certain products or services. Match your environment. A nice collared t-shirt and pants would generally suffice. If you have a different approach like what we’ve said earlier, the you can try to be more creative with costumes, particularly if you are advertising to children.

Come Up With an Effective Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is typically descriptive, yet brief. For instance, you are promoting a website about vegan eating. You may say “Are you interested in healthy vegan eating?” as you hand out the flyer. Keep it simple and don’t force it or they will find you offensive.

Be Polite

Always wear a smile when handing out flyers. Do not annoy people by hounding them around with you wielding flyers on their faces. Don’t engage in any debates. In case someone gets rude, excuse yourself and walk away. Practice good manners when out and distributing flyers.

Pick Up Dropped Flyers

We may see a few people discarding or throwing out the flyers we handed them and this will definitely make us bad. No matter how you feel, pick up the dropped flyers. Discarded flyers littering the streets is unappealing and may even make your product look bad and uninteresting to others.

Keep in mind these etiquettes in flyer distribution the next time you go out and go to your next flyer distribution assignment.